Setting up Your Store 101 - Your Vendor Dashboard

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Setting up your store from scratch can be a tricky process and it can be quite daunting in the beginning, so we’ve made this guide to help you out. Please remember it is still recommended that all stores schedule an onboarding session with one of our team members in order to ensure the store is fully functional. Once you’ve logged into your store’s account you can navigate to your vendor dashboard by clicking this icon  and then clicking “Vendor Dashboard”

Your dashboard provides you with a brief overview of important info regarding your products. From here you can navigate to the various sections of your store’s back-end.

To set up your store page you’ll first need to navigate to the setting tab.  Here you can upload various info about your store, including a banner, icon as well as write a short blurb about your store.

Add Your Socials

You can add buttons to your store which link to your brand’s social media pages. This can be done by navigating to settings, then clicking on the “Social Profile” button

Add icons to your store page by copy pasting the appropriate link into each box. Your icons will look like this:

Add Products

From your vendor dashboard navigate to the  tab.

Here you can click and customise its properties. Once you click more customisability options will become available to you, such as variable pricing (e.g. Price per case/pallet) and wholesale pricing (e.g. 4 pallets = 25% discount).

More Info

If you’d like to access our suite of more in-depth tutorials on how to set up your store page click here and navigate to our seller’s academy.

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