Our Vision

To empower independent craft beverage producers to break the barriers of upscaling their business.

We want you to grow and scale in a simpler way. By reducing the traditional barriers of exporting and selling beverages internationally, you can focus more on what you’re good at – creating an outstanding craft beverage. Bevo Shelves makes it easier for liquor distributors and local craft beverage makers to connect, all over the world.

We provide you with the tools to shape the future of the global beverage industry.

Craft beverage producers now have the resources to share their products with distributors everywhere! Bevo Shelves is the world’s first online B2B marketplace that simplifies the complexities of exporting craft drinks overseas, with streamlined processes, resources, and market insights to help our local businesses grow. It’s now easier than ever to source unique, local Australian craft beverages to sell worldwide.

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