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How it works?

Bevo Shelves partnered with an Australian logistics sea and Air shipping company, and we can help our buyers with any logistics advice and service; however, our buyers can choose if they want to use their preferred agent for sea freight on whole sell purchases and for sample order, they use realtime shipping calculator, once they place the order, the seller will confirm the order and arrange the shipment, simple as that. is an online B2B marketplace where buyers and sellers from around the world can connect and carry out transactions. It is a secure, trusted platform can be used by thousends and thousend of businesses.


As we mentioned, is a B2B platform. This means that most all buyers and sellers on are businesses.

The typical suppliers are businesses that sell raw materials or manufactured goods. The typical buyers are retailers, wholesalers, sourcing agents, and distributer who source products for resell or private label for their own businesses.

There are several reasons why buyers use

The main reason is that it is generally a trusted platform. People can be skeptical to spend money online, especially when it is the tune of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Several factors make trustworthy. The first is the secure payment portal. Transactions are backed by a number of guarantees on, but having access to a secure payment portal is attractive to buyers and sellers alike. This way, buyers don’t have to worry about their credit card numbers and other sensitive information being compromised.

The bevoshelves platform is very easy to navigate, and the buying process is much more straightforward than it is when you place an order on a paper form or over the phone. has hunders  of sellers, which means there are also thousennd of products to choose from. This wide variety of products to choose from gives buyers the flexibility to choose the seller and items that best suit them.

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