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About Bevo Shelves


Bevo Shelves is a business-to-business (B2B) online marketplace that allows you to buy and export craft beers, spirits and non-alcoholic products wholesale. Shop across a variety of craft beverages and purchase products wholesale from anywhere in the world.

We connect craft beverage producers with trusted overseas distributors, allowing beverage producers to access and sell across a global distribution network.

We have a growing global community of beverage industry companies, connecting distributors with beverage producers. Our buyers come from all corners of the world and can enjoy the best selection of Australian craft beers, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks, from local, homegrown beverage producers.

Visit our Pricing page to sign up for a membership plan that suits you best.

Selling on Bevo Shelves

To sell on Bevo Shelves, your business must be operating production in Australia and have a valid ABN and Australian liquor license. 

To start selling on Bevo Shelves, you’ll need:

  • A seller membership plan
  • Beverage products to sell wholesale (these must be exported from Australia)
  • A valid Australian liquor license
  • A valid Australian Business Number (ABN)

Depending on your preferences, you’ll receive an email, mobile app notification, or RSS notification every time you receive an order.

We offer membership plans ranging between $109 – $329 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for an Enterprise membership on application, which best suits companies wanting to list over 100 products on Bevo Shelves. Visit our Pricing page to sign up for a plan that suits you best.

Yes. You can subscribe to an Education membership to access the Bevo Shelves Academy, which keeps you informed with the latest market insights and trend forecasting relating to the global beverage industry. The Bevo Shelves Academy gives you data-backed information on beverage consumption trends across Singapore, Japan, UK, South Korea, and Hong Kong, to help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of change.

Yes. When you join as a seller on Bevo Shelves, you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription.

Yes. To ensure that you meet the standards for Bevo Shelves sellers, you must provide us:

  • Your identification
  • A valid Australian liquor license
  • A valid Australian Business Number (ABN)

As long as you have (1) a valid Australian liquor license, (2) a valid Australian Business Number (ABN), and (3) your products will be exported from a location in Australia, you are eligible to sell on Bevo Shelves.

Yes. If you don’t want to be charged a monthly subscription fee, you can downgrade your account by emailing us directly. If you downgrade, your account stays open and you can keep offering products on Bevo Shelves as a seller, but you’ll lose access to the plan benefits of your previous membership plan.

If your subscription is paid annually, you will be able to downgrade upon renewal of your annual subscription. Please ensure you emailing us directly prior to your renewal date to ensure you are set up with the your preferred membership plan.

You can compare seller membership plans here.

Ensure you contact us with 20 days’ notice and we will process your membership account cancellation. For annual subscriptions, ensure you contact us at least 20 days prior to your subscription renewal date to ensure you are not charged for an extra year.

Remember to resolve all your transactions before you close your account permanently.

The monthly subscription fee for your membership plan begins as soon as you complete the registration process. Your first monthly subscription fee will be charged at that time unless otherwise stated in any promotional offers.

Products to sell

Buyers can order products at a minimum of one industrial beverage pallet per order. Whatever number of products you can fit in each pallet will depend on the size and nature of your beverage product.

If your buyer would like to sample your products first, they also have the option to purchase a sample box from you.

We encourage you to clearly communicate to your sellers what exact quantities of products to expect per pallet.

We recommend you create a small batch selection of the product your buyer has requested. Once they place their order, contact your buyer to let them know exactly what quantity of products they should expect.

If your buyer is interested in several of your products, you can offer to create for them a custom selection of products to include that includes all the products they have requested.

One pallet may contain several beverage cases, depending on what you can safely fit onto an industry-standard beverage pallet. From there, you can liaise directly with your buyer to determine exact quantities to include in each order.

Absolutely. We encourage you to list your non-alcoholic products for selling, including juices, kombucha, sparkling or fizzy drinks. 

Yes. If you would like to offer kegs of products to your buyers, we encourage you to add a note in each of your product listings to let them know they can request this.

Yes, you have the freedom to create product listings for all kinds of branded merchandise, including hats, t-shirts, jumpers and other apparel, and novelty products. Simply create a product page listing for every merchandise product you’d like to feature in your storefront.


There are two ways you’ll be receiving payments on Bevo Shelves:

  • For sample box orders, transactions are processed immediately, and you will receive payments via your linked Stripe or PayPal accounts, depending on what payment methods you buyers prefer.
  • For all other wholesale orders, your transactions are processed via Bevo Shelves Escrow.

You can sell and accept payments in many currencies. All payments will be processed and converted into Australian dollars (AUD) upon transaction.

Bevo Shelves Escrow is our payment service that allows you to make larger payment orders safely and securely. We use a third-party escrow agent, one of the largest ASX-listed financial groups, with a market cap of over two billion Australian dollars. All payments are held in a bank account with either ANZ or Westpac.

When your buyer places an order, all funds will be held in escrow and will not be released until both parties (the buyer and the seller) confirm that they wish to proceed with the order transaction. Once approved, all funds are distributed by our escrow agent as directed by the seller.

Our transaction fee is 8.9% per sales transaction. This allows us to give you reliable services across our platform to make your sales, including our Bevo Shelves Escrow service for bulk pallet sales.

For sample box orders, this transaction fee is already factored into the pricing you set and is processed immediately upon transaction.

For all other wholesale orders, this transaction fee is billed upon the first sales transaction, once both parties have approved the transaction. Larger payments that need to be split into payment plans will have full commission charged upon first payment.

Yes. Up to your discretion, you and your buyer can agree on a payment plan.

Production timelines

You can start accepting orders before commencing production on your beverages! This means you can produce to your demand, without the risk of overproducing stock.

Your production timeline will vary depending on how long it takes to create your product, so please let your buyers know what lead times to expect prior to accepting an order.

We recommend that you communicate with your buyer every step of the way so that they are aware of potential delays that may occur from a COVID-19 lockdown in your area. 

Shipping and exporting

As long as your products can securely fit onto an industry-standard beverage pallet, you can fit any amount of goods you want!

For sellers, shipping does not cost a thing. All shipping expenses are covered by your buyers upon transaction.

Buyers are responsible for organising shipping and logistics of all pallet orders. This means that you will be notified when the order will be picked up from your facility. Your beverage goods are delivered in either a regular or refrigerated shipping container, depending on what is most suitable for your beverage type.

Your membership gives you access to the Bevo Shelves Academy, which provides you with regularly updated information around what you need to know about exporting beverage goods to your target regions. Learn about Bevo Shelves membership pricing here

Overseas labelling requirements

Yes. Each country or region has its own legal requirements for what information must be listed on beverage products – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – before they can be sold commercially.

As a Bevo Shelves member, you have access to all this information at your fingertips! As you accept orders from overseas distributors, you will receive labelling and packaging information directly from the Bevo Shelves team on how to prepare your order for that region.

Prior to the delivery collection of your beverage products, we will also send you a checklist to double-check your products are labelled correctly, which you must submit back to us at least 24 hours before delivery collection. If approved, your goods will be picked up by one of our logistics partners for delivery. If, however, a checklist item needs revision, you will have 24 hours to fix this and resubmit your checklist for approval from Bevo Shelves. If your beverage products are still not ready for delivery upon pickup, you risk incurring any delivery rescheduling or cancellation fees.

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