The new roles of e-commerce in the B2B space.

E-commerce is increasingly becoming a norm for conducting trade in the business-to-business (B2B) space, with online giants like Global Sources and Amazon Business paving the way for niche industries to follow suit. With trade moving online, industries that service beverage production are adapting to a leaner-than-ever way of conducting business and thriving in an increasingly complex world. Businesses are more comfortable with trading wholesale goods at the click of a button in the same way consumers for have been for some time in B2C online shopping.

What B2B wholesale trading is adopting from B2C e-commerce

Conducting business online allows companies to operate much leaner, even for the trading of wholesale goods. Businesses who are looking to buy wholesale beverages can enjoy – and almost expect – the user experiences we already see in the B2C online shopping space. Instant payment options, fast shipping, real-time delivery tracking, and instant payment options allow for an easier wholesale trade experience that encourages more business opportunities for wholesalers and distributors alike.

In a B2B wholesale context, companies are preferring to purchase directly from wholesalers with the click of a button, replacing the hassle of making phone calls or organising in-person sales meetings. Getting wholesale operations online also allows brand exposure opportunities to multiply tenfold, with more areas that companies can apply their brand, thus increasing brand recognition and therefore loyalty amongst wholesale clients. It is no surprise that e-commerce, globally, is a seven trillion-dollar industry.

E-commerce B2B trading lowers the bar-to-entry for allowing businesses to expand globally

With B2B wholesalers adapting more from the B2C e-commerce space, expanding business globally can be done with minimal extra investment of resources. What once required a mammoth investment of research, talent and resources to tap into one international market, a good e-commerce B2B platform eliminates by streamlining and lowering the bar. The cost of entry for selling more complex wholesale goods lower, democratising the playing field, and allowing wholesale producers of varying company sizes to benefit. For the beverage industry, this means smaller craft beverage producers can export internationally the same way that was once exclusive only to beverage company giants.

Staying ahead of the needs of wholesale buyers

Businesses who fail to adapt to the times inevitably fail to survive. E-commerce and self-servicing online marketplaces are already a norm in the B2C space. Convenience, immediacy, and simplicity are king in how to operate in a digital world. With a wide number of options and information available online, companies are more discerning over who they trade with, making it even more important for wholesale producers to have more robust e-commerce revenue methods. B2B businesses that rely solely on local trade limit themselves with business opportunities and have already seen difficulties spawn accordingly. 

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