Wholesale Importers

  • Multiple supplier ordering

  • Buyer-specific catalogues, pricing & discounts

  • 24/7 platform access

We connect the continent’s leading brands with the largest network of shops in Australia

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Simplify your importing process

Order from all your beverage suppliers on one platform, reducing your need to open and manage accounts with multiple suppliers. Bevo Shelves saves you significant time on your ordering process so that you can spend more time doing what you love, creating experiences and value for your customers.

Fast and Reliable Ordering

  • Order faster by sending multiple orders to multiple reps in just one click

  • Easily find every product you need with robust search filters.

  • Order directly with your assigned rep

Easily Find Products and Prices

  • Easily find every product you need with robust search filters
  • See up-to-date pricing and benefit from verified in-stock info
  • Plan and spend more securely with live pricing and product deals

All Your Reps in One Place

  • Stay in sync with app messaging, see past conversations and more
  • Organize all your ordering in one place across multiple reps
  • Order directly with your assigned rep

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