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About Bevo Shelves

Bevo Shelves is a business-to-business (B2B) online marketplace that allows you to buy and export craft beers, spirits and non-alcoholic products wholesale. Shop across a variety of craft beverages and purchase products wholesale from anywhere in the world.

We connect craft beverage producers with trusted overseas distributors, allowing beverage producers to access and sell across a global distribution network.

We have a growing global community of beverage industry companies, connecting distributors with beverage producers. Our buyers come from all corners of the world and can enjoy the best selection of Australian craft beers, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks, from local, homegrown beverage producers.

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It’s very simple to get started…
  1. Sign up for a free membership with Bevo Shelves to access a range of trusted craft beverage producers. Allow up to 72 hours for your application to be approved.
  2. Shop! Enjoy your full access to our catalogue of craft beverage products. When you are ready to order, you will have the option to start out with a sample box purchase or order your first bulk pallet.

Our team screens through every buyer before they can order anything on Bevo Shelves. We do this to ensure all buyers are legitimate beverage distributors. Through our screening process, we check to verify your identity, distribution rights within your region, and check that your company is financially qualified to order through Bevo Shelves Escrow. As such, please allow up to 72 hours for your membership application to be approved.

For your membership to be approved, you must provide the following documents to verify that you are a legitimate beverage distributor:

  1. Distribution licence
  2. Identification (ID)
  3. Business or company registration number
  4. Proof of address documents (in the form of a utilities bill or similar)


For sample box orders, you have the option to pay via credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay.

For all other wholesale purchases, you must use our Bevo Shelves Escrow payment service.

You can make payments in your local currency. All payments will be processed and converted into Australian dollars (AUD) upon transaction.

Bevo Shelves Escrow is our payment service that allows you to make larger payment orders safely and securely. We use a third-party escrow agent, one of the largest ASX-listed financial groups, with a market cap of over two billion Australian dollars. All payments are held in a bank account with either ANZ or Westpac.

When you place an order with a seller, your funds will be held in escrow and will not be released until both parties (the buyer and the seller) confirm that they wish to proceed with the order transaction. Once approved, all funds are distributed by our escrow agent as directed by the seller.

If you are a buyer, no fee at all is charged for using Bevo Shelves Escrow. This is a complimentary service to you.

No, your payment is held by our escrow agent until your order transaction is approved by both yourself and the seller. Throughout the whole period of escrow, you have full control and ownership of your funds.

Wholesale orders

At minimum, you can order a sample box from your seller, which is usually a case of products showcasing that seller’s selection. When you are ready to order more, your order can be as small as one pallet of products. We encourage you to check with your seller what exact quantities you should expect per pallet.

A sample box will contain a small batch selection of the products your seller offers. This can be as few as a handful of products or a few tens of products.

If your seller has not explicitly dictated how many, or what selection, of their products are included in a sample box, we encourage you to ask them directly what you should expect in a sample box.

You can contact your seller to see if they can put together a custom sample box order containing the range of products you are interested in. If your seller happy to do so, you can receive a selection of those products all in the one sample box.

One pallet may contain several beverage cases. Exact quantities are dictated by your seller and depend on how large their products and packaging are, as this affects how many can fit on a pallet.

We encourage you to speak directly with your seller to specify product quantity per pallet before confirming your order.

Absolutely. Check with your seller if they can provide their beverage product in kegs. From there, you can ask for the quantity of kegs you need in your pallet order.

Quality assurance

As an additional service, we can perform a quality check on your seller’s products to ensure it meets your standards and expectations. Please contact us directly if you would like to organise a Bevo Shelves team member to conduct a quality inspection for you.

Shipping and delivery

Production timelines

We encourage you to liaise directly with your seller on their production timeline. Most sellers begin production as orders are placed, so production timelines can vary accordingly. Once you place your order, production lead times will be confirmed by the seller.

Given that your order has been successfully accepted by the seller, your order will be honoured as usual if your seller is affected by a lockdown in their local Australian city or region. Keep in mind that local delivery networks may be busier than usual at these times, which means slight delays may occur. We are working with our shipping partners to deliver as fast as we can for you, and value your patience over these times.

Shipping for sample box orders

All shipping costs, including taxes and duties, are calculated at your cart and according to your shipping destination. Make sure you select your location to view the correct local market pricing, delivery times and shipping costs.

Our sellers are located all over Australia, so your product order may ship from anywhere across Australia. Have a look at your seller’s shop page to find where they are based, which will give you indication as to where it will be coming from.

You cannot return a sample box once you have ordered it, so please choose wisely.

If your sample box is damaged or is not what you expected, please contact us directly and we will help you arrange either a refund or a replacement sample box order from your seller.

Shipping and exporting for pallet orders

For all wholesale orders that are not sample box purchases, as a buyer, you have two ways in which you can organise shipping:
  1. Liaise directly with your preferred logistics company
  2. Organise shipping through our Bevo Shelves logistics team
If you do not use a preferred logistics company, or would prefer not to deal with this yourself, we can organise freight and shipping on your behalf for an additional fee. Please contact us directly if you’d like to arrange shipping with our Bevo Shelves logistics team.

Absolutely. If your company already has a preferred way of transporting freight, you can organise shipping directly through them without needing to notify our Bevo Shelves logistics team.

Once our logistics team is notified of your shipping request, we will reserve the next available freight space for your pallet order. Your seller will be notified of the delivery collection date, and they will have the opportunity to adjust it according to their production timeline. Upon collection, our logistics partners will delivery your products directly to you.

Your goods will be delivered in either a regular or refrigerated shipping container, depending on the nature of the products you are ordering.

If your order arrives in a poor condition – including a too-short shelf life, or damaged – we ask you to first contact the seller, as they are liable for the quality of your order. If the seller fails to resolve the problem, please contact us directly and we will support you by determining how the issue can be settled, which may include reimbursement of the order to you, at the seller’s expense.

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