Bevo Tech versus Bevo Shelves

Bevo Tech vs. Bevo Shelves

Founders, Sina Ajori and Tomer Pinhasi, started Bevo Shelves with a vision to redefine Australia’s craft beverage industry and empower local beverage makers to go global. With sister company Bevo Tech already operational since 2018, Bevo Shelves was born soon after to make it easier for liquor distributors all over the world to connect with, and place purchase orders with, Australia’s most exciting craft beverage producers.

With so many breweries, wineries and distilleries popping up across Australia, craft beverages are only getting better coming out of Australia. Bevo Shelves is the B2B online marketplace that enables local drink producers to find new markets and sell outstanding products all over the world.

How Bevo Shelves relates to its sister company, Bevo Tech.

Before Bevo Shelves, there was Bevo Tech. For years, founder Sina Ajori worked in bars and breweries in Australia and learned how unnecessarily complex it was to coordinate and source quality manufacturing equipment. Bevo Tech is the destination for sourcing production equipment for distilleries, breweries, wineries – and even equipment for biotech and similar facilities.

In a sense, Bevo Tech is the first step of helping our local craft beverage makers do what they do best – create outstanding craft beverages. Once these facilities have a streamlined production system, they can develop into the next steps of growing their brand.

Enter Bevo Shelves, step two, if you will, of the craft beverage making journey. After establishing a great production facility, Bevo Shelves is where craft beverage producers can connect with new buyers. With access to liquor distributors globally, it is the only B2B eCommerce platform that allows local makers of craft drinks to operate like large companies.

Two branches of the same tree.

When combined, Bevo Tech and Bevo Shelves can support your business at every step of the journey of beverage operations, from initial production to consumer sales. Learn more about how Bevo Shelves has implemented features just for craft brewers, distillers, and wine makers.

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