About us

We came together with a vision to simplify the exporting process for our local craft beverage producers.

We connect craft beverage suppliers with distributors across the world.

Bevo Shelves is a B2B marketplace that allows beverage industry producers and distributors to connect from anywhere in the world. Buy, sell, and create valuable business relationships across the global beverage industry.


Built especially for our Aussie craft beverage makers.
Enjoyed by liquor distributors globally.

We fell in love with our local Australian craft producers and want to share that everywhere in the world. All in one place, liquor distributors can shop from the best range of craft beers, spirits, wines, non-alcoholic drinks, and soft drinks coming out of Australia.

Built especially for our craft beverage makers.

From the partners that gave you Bevo Tech, Bevo Shelves empowers craft beverage producers to operate like big players by having their pick of business across various beverage markets globally. All with less risk, more guidance, and inevitably a higher ROI than traditional means of international beverage exporting and trade.

Be part of the new generation of wholesale beverage trading globally.

Bevo Shelves helps beverage producers export globally.

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